Sunday, August 06, 2006

Somebody complained that we were running this blog into the ground, so I thought I'd try to get Soulfukt back to what it should be: A FORUM FOR AMAZING ART.

Here's my depiction of what it feels like to be caught in a snowstorm with only a blacksmith's hammer and a bag of peanuts for survival. I think you'll agree, it has many levels, none of which can be understood by anyone.


Matthew said...

Who complained?!? I want their eyes!

zenmonki said...


It could use an abstractly subconscious watermark or inverted-xray-image of Goo's face somewhere. Then it'd be perfect.

Sombody I Used to Know said...

afe, i understand you so much better now. wow, it's like i'm staring into your soul.

and yes! MORE ART!